Krullend Haar Brazilian keratin treatment

Brazilian keratin treatment for shiny hair after a blowout!

Do you dream about shiny silky hair without curls?

... than a brazilian keratin treatment is really something for your hair!

How does a brazilian keratine treatment works?

• First you wash your curly hair and then blow it out.
• Then you treat it with the brazilian keratin product and let it pull in for 30 - 45 minutes.
• Once thats done you style and fohn it.

You will see imidiatly how shiny and healthy it looks!

Now you may not make it wet for the next 3 days, stay out of rain and it will stay straight for 4 months.

Then you may only wash it with our special shampoo and conditioner.

Now you will see that the curly hair stay away for 4 to 5 months!

This product is the invention of the year for every woman with curly hair!

Watch here how a brazilian keratin treatment really works:

On what hairtypes can we use a brazilian keratin treatment?

All hairtypes can use this amazing product!

Can the keratin treatment be used on colored curly hair?

A keratin treatment is defenatly posible on colored hair, all types

because the hair gets feeded with good minerals.

Will my hair loose volume?

You can choose what volume you want

on the hand from different styling techniques you can do it like you want!

Will my hair return to its previous state after the 5 months?

Yes, after the treatment is over it and you wash it like you did before, your curly hair will return.

Best thing to do is simply repeat the brazilian keratine treatment after 4 months.

Repeatedly washing your hair with the brazilian keratin shampoo and conditioner

will keep it shiny and healthy, and that's what we want not?

Carla from new york says:
Wow, i never thought this would give me such a boost in my social life! Everyone wants to know what i did to get this magnificent beatifull hair! Even the boys see me standing over there :)
I recomended it to 2 of my friends and they coundn't believe it first but after they used my bottle once they where sold and purchased the keratin treatment directly. It's like the must have bottle in your bathroom if you have curly hair !
I simply love it !

So you see a brazilian keratin treatment is really something for womens with curls!

Imagine how your world will change!

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